Increase testosterone naturally by maintaining high testosterone bioavailability.

        *    Boost total testosterone with testosterone boosting supplements
        *    Perform exercise that increases testosterone

        *    Lower your estrogen

        *    Control stress levels and reduce cortisol

        *    Block the testosterone binding effects of SHBG

        *    Maintain a testosterone boosting diet

So here's  how to naturally increase testosterone . . .

1.    Reduce Alcohol Intake and Reduce Smoking

Alcohol reduces testosterone. Either reduce your drinking or eliminate it.  Dry red wine may be OK in moderation and have little impact on your hormone levels.  Smoking ruins testosterone production.

2.    Eat Several Small Meals Throughout The Day

Meals should include protein, vegetables, and monosaturated fats.  Fats are important for testosterone production.  Eating several small meals controls insulin and hormones.

3.    Sleep Up To 8 Hours A Night

Plenty of sleep is vitally important to testosterone production.  You recover from stress and limit the effects of cortisol.

4.    Consume Red Meat

Eating red meat is shown to produce 23% lower SHBG and 3% higher free testosterone than vegans.

5.    Eat  Garlic

Garlic has been shown to increase testosterone in animal studies. Allicin found in garlic produces this benefit.

6.    Reduce Body Fat

Estrogen is stored in fat. Body fat also contains aromatase enzyme which can convert testosterone into estrogen.  So lowering body fat is important to boosting testosterone.  But don't crash diet since that can halt testosterone production.

7.    Reduce Cortisol and  Reduce Stress

Reduce stress since it elevates cortisol.  Cortisol reduces testosterone levels.   Less cortisol means more testosterone.  Tips For Reducing Cortisol can help with a plan for lowering and controlling cortisol.

8.    Exercise with Intensity

You can boost testosterone through proper exercise. Resistance training such as weight lifting using basic movements with your largest muscles produces the greatest effect.

Examples of exercises are deadlifts, squats, bench presses, rowing.   You want to use relatively heavy weight and low reps and workouts should be held to 45 minutes or less.

There are some good examples of programs that can stimulate testosterone and HGH in Chad Waterbury's HFT.  Check it out.

9.    Reduce Estrogen

You can reduce estrogen and boost testosterone by taking the supplement DIM. DIM (diindolylmethane) comes from plant nutrients found in cruciferous vegetables. Refer to the Guide To Reduce Estrogen for a plan to reduce this feminizing hormone.

10. Take Supplements Proven To Increase Testosterone Naturally

Click Part 3 to see the Natural Testosterone Supplements.

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How To Increase Testosterone Naturally

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