Here's how to reduce cortisol and reverse the impact of elevated cortisol to help maintain better adrenal health.

1. Get enough deep sleep.

Fifty-year olds produce 30 times higher levels of cortisol at night than do typical thirty-year olds. Taking melatonin supplements can help you sleep better and regulate sleep cycles.

2. Remove caffeine.

You can reduce cortisol naturally and quickly by eliminating all caffeine intake.  In fact, just (1) cup of coffee can increase cortisol by 30%.

3. Eat small meals, frequently.

Avoid insulin spikes by eating smaller meals every 3 hours.  Stay away from foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates.

After workouts, drink a shake with 40 grams of whey protein but don't add sugary carbs.  This will reduce the potential for cortisol to adversely impact your lean tissue.  See The Warrior Diet for more details.

4. Take supplements to reduce cortisol.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) can reduce the impact of cortisol and can lower cortisol by as much as 25% when you take it prior to exercising.

400-600 mg twice a day, with fats, both before exercise and at bedtime.

1000 of Vitamin C each day.  Vitamin C will lower cortisol.

Ashwagandha can lower stress and reduce anxiety.  Take 500mg of ashwagandha each day prior to bedtime.

Also, to reduce cortisol

5. Workout regularly.  Aim for workouts under 1 hour.

Growth hormone release and testosterone production slow down and taper at about 1 hour after starting exercise.  Then cortisol production starts.

6. Don't overtrain.

Follow a training plan that allows full recovery between workouts.  For most people this means not working out intensely for 2 days in a row.

7. Reduce stress.

Stress triggers cortisol production.  For reducing cortisol, incorporate stress reduction and relaxation into your day and reduce the potential for cortisol increase.  Self hypnosis, meditation, and other relaxation techniques work well..

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