Here's what causes excess estrogen in men . . .

1.    Excess Aromatase Activity Causes Estrogen Dominance
As men get older, they produce more aromatase.  Aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.  A major cause for this increasing aromatase is excess body fat.

2.    Zinc Deficiency
Zinc acts on aromatase and inhibits it from producing estrogen.  So reduced zinc levels in your body can lead to an imbalance.  American men typically are deficient in zinc.  Also, alcohol and drug use reduce zinc making the estrogen problem worse.
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3.    Changes In Liver Function
The P450 system is the primary process for your liver to eliminate waste such as chemicals, hormones, and drugs.  It's critical to a man's health.  This system also takes care of excess estrogen.  If it's not functioning properly, it can lead to excessive estrogen.

Zinc is also needed by the pituitary for testosterone production.  Supplementing with zinc can help this deficiency.

4.    Alcohol Consumption
Heavy alcohol drinking causes high estrogen levels in men.  Actually, this is the case for both men and women.  For a woman, one drink can boost estrogen as much as 300%.  For men it's a significant increase though not as pronounced.

In addition though, you get other consolation prizes such as gynomastia (manboobs), spider veins, and even shrinking testes.  Erectile dysfunction is also associated with this increase in estrogen from drinking.

Alcohol also impairs the liver's P450 processing system and can even reduce levels of zinc.  Bottom line - reduce or eliminate the alcohol to avoid estrogen.

5.    Obesity
Being overweight and having low testosterone often go hand in hand.  Body fat contains aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen.  Obesity is a primary contributor to estrogen dominance.

6.    Environment Contributes To Estrogen Dominance
Every day estrogen makes its way into your body.  Sometimes it's food.  For example, animals are injected with estrogen to fatten them up.  You're likely getting some of this estrogen when you eat these animals.

Sometimes it's personal care products. For example, shampoo, antiperspirant, and perfume can all contain estrogen-like substances.  These are absorbed through your skin.

Other times it may be chemicals that mimic estrogen.  Once absorbed or ingested, these estrogen-like chemicals can bind with hormone receptors in your body and deliver messages to cells that produce negative results for men.

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